What is NEO Learning?

NEO Learning

NEO Learning is an Internet portal that will allow schools and colleges to search for and participate in various live educational sessions (video-conferences) provided by different off-site educators, such as universities, museums, cultural organisations, companies and individuals. The timetabling is organised around the school day, making it easier for teachers to plan their lessons and other activities.

No geographical restrictions

By providing a single meeting point that has no geographical restrictions NEO Learning will enable schools to choose from a wider choice of off-site educators.

The main sections

The main sections of the portal are “Curriculum”, “Extra-curriculum clubs”, “Career”, “Teachers’ CPD”, “Arena” and “Archive”.

How it works

Schools participate in events

Off-site educators create events, upload the schedule of their sessions along with their descriptions and then run the events.

Schools search for events

Schools search for an appropriate event in the calendar, using either  appropriate filters or the search engine. Having chosen an event they want to attend, the schools then book that event and later, on the date of the event they participate in the booked session and then provide feedback comments.


Both off-site educators and schools have accounts on the portal where they can view a personalised calendar of completed and pending events, create analytic reports and carry out various administrative functions. Access to features and data is controlled rigorously by user account permissions and protected by passwords.

New Opportunities

Opportunities for schools

1. Enhance the learning experience.
2. Give additional support to gifted and talented students.
3. Schools can better control their budgets.
4. Help students envision a personal roadmap or success.
5. Help students develop their social skills.
6. Provide good CPD opportunities for teachers.

Opportunities for off-site educators

For museums and universities participation in the NEO Learning project would mean new opportunities for further development of their existing activities.
For cultural organisations live video conferences means expanding their educational offer using a new tool in order to communicate with schools.
For companies and organisations communicating with school children in this way will provide an excellent opportunity to contribute to the provision of future workforce for the British economy.