The video-conferences presented within the “Curriculum” section are organised around curriculum subjects as school lessons, where a presenter communicates with a whole class. Both parties can see each other on their screens (the pupils see the presenter on the interactive whiteboard in the classroom).

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Sessions within the section “Career” are similar to the “Curriculum”, the difference is that the objective of the events is career guidance for students and they are run by representatives of various companies and professional organisations, as well as universities and other further educational establishments.

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Extra Curriculum

The video-conferences presented within this section are organised in the form of webinars, when one presenter communicates with individual students from different schools. During these sessions each student uses his/her own computer. Similar to the Curriculum section the presentation of events in this section is organised around curriculum subjects. The events can also be filtered by who they are intended for: mixed ability groups or gifted and talented students.

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Teachers’ CPD

This section contains webinars for teachers to enhance their professional development. Booking allows for multiple teachers to attend the course.

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The section “Arena” is designed for live performances that can be attended by multiple schools simultaneously. The main providers of these events will be theatres and other cultural organisations that will use the Neo Learning portal to perform live to multiple audiences.

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