Participation on NEO Learning platform is part of Universities’ outreach programmes that help students who have little experience of higher education to decide on the best route for their future.

Universities aim to enhance access to higher education for all, regardless of background. They inform and inspire potential students with the opportunities available in higher education.

Supporting the government’s goals to double the proportion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in higher education by 2020, Universities run various events to raise aspirations, improve motivation and encourage students to consider university.

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Training Centre - Off-site Educators

Training Centres

Teacher Training Centres throughout the UK offer various courses that support teachers with the skills and knowledge they need from in a classroom. By offering their courses on NEO Learning the teacher training providers help schools to remove the barriers to effective CPD and training.

In addition to subject knowledge enhancement, the topics of teachers’ CPD courses cover such areas as teaching strategies, inclusion and wellbeing, health and safety, as well as effective leadership and career guidance.


By participating on the NEO Learning platform museums increase public engagement with their collections and further develop their educational function.

Video sessions organised by museums provide an extensive range of learning outcomes both for teacher and students. Teachers learn more about their subjects, increase their own skills, and learn more about the potential of museums. Learning outcomes for school students and pupils encompass an increase in knowledge and understanding, and a new awareness of museums and galleries – exciting places to go, of which they were not generally aware.

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Cultural Organisations

Cultural organisations use NEO Learning to bring about a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education. They share in a broader aim that every child has the chance to experience and participate in creative work.

Cultural organisations and freelance practitioners benefit from the opportunity to overcome practical barriers to achieve engagement with schools. The organisation of the portal around schools’ timetable demands ensures that this engagement becomes sustained.


Encounters with employers bring the world of work to life for young people. Nowadays more and more businesses connect with schools and colleges to help prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work.

Video sessions with employers provide students with encounters that influence their future employability. Companies can make a difference by upskilling students through interview and CV workshops, as well as providing opportunities for work shadowing.

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